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Nowadays putting photos on social media has become an essential and inescapable part for any photographer. So I’m going to share top photography apps that make my life easier. They help me to edit photos and decorate my Instagram profile the way I like it 🙂

Top Photography Apps

Photo Editing Apps

This one is my number one app, since I use Lightroom for desktop as well. It makes it super handy to have  a mobile version too. There is a variety of settings for photo adjustment. I especially like the opportunity to upload my own presets with colour correction and edit all the photos with my unique settings. Moreover, if you use subscription, it synchronises all the processes, which is super convenient.

In my opinion, it’s the best and most profound app for film-like photography. They have a bunch of film filters and they look quite authentic. The downside is that they only have it for IOS devices.

Super trendy app for analogue photography lovers. I’ve been using it for years, normally to edit my photos for stories. The free version is quite limited, but if you subscribe, it gives you a variety of film effects to choose from.

Stories Top Photography Apps

I really like their layout for the stories, they look quite creative. At the same time, I’ve noticed that it has become quite trendy among bloggers. So it’s losing its value of being unique. At the same time, they upgrade the layouts on a regular basis, so there is still some chance of standing out with your stories. Still, I think it’s a good solution for bloggers, but for me personally – sometimes I don’t feel like putting so much effort on polishing your stories so much. Even though they say it’s important 😄🤷🏼‍♀️

This app is my latest discovery and I like it! I think it’s a great app to make stories for further promotion, cause they have animated video options that look great! The free version offers some great layouts, but of course there is more room for creativity in the paid version.

Visual planners

I use this app to visually compose my feed and also it offers some basic analytics for the account. It’s about 8-9 euros per month and the main reason I’ve chosen it is because of its desktop version, together with the app version, which is a rare offer at the moment. The number of uploads in a free version is very limited, so it doesn’t make so much sense to use it, better to switch to a paid version right away.

This one is similar to Planoly, but it only has a web version, and for me, shooting mainly with my camera, it’s not really handy. Even though I sometimes use it. The benefit is that it’s a free app. They have some paid services, but I never felt the need of switching to the paid version, as it does just fine the way it is 🙂

If you have any other favourite and useful apps to share, please let me know, I’ll be happy to hear that!


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