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What could be better than having some ice-cream on a hot summer day? That’s why I’m sharing my list of top 7 Lisbon ice-cream stores to flavour your day while you’re here 🙂 So here it goes! (All the shop titles are clickable, so you can check the other details on their websites) 

Top 7 Lisbon ice-cream stores


This is my number one store! They’ve got amazing flavours, you can choose whether to have a soft version or a frozen one on the stick. They also make natural juices and great waffles as well. There are two locations – one near Parque Eduardo VII and the other one near Roma subway station.


This Italian ice-cream store you’ve gotta try as well! Normally they have a line of people waiting to be served, but the line goes fast. The flavours are very original, I really like the ones with cheesy flavours, like ricotta or parmigiano. The store is located in São Bento.

Gelato Davvero

This is a branch of ice-cream stores and they have a few locations in the city. Great choice of flavours (I just love their salty caramel and lavender ice-creams). They are so good that they even opened Bar Gelato where they serve shots and cocktails with their renowned ice-cream. 


Santini is a famous Portuguese chain of ice-cream stores between Lisbon and Porto. Their sorbets are really good, so fruity! I also like the one with coconut mixed with hazelnut and chocolate flavours. 

Mu Gelato Italiano

Great cosy place with an outside terrace near a lovely garden Campo Martires da Patria, full of ducks,  birds and beautiful trees. Besides having standard ice-creams, this store has a good choice of gluten-free options, and ice-creams made from plant milk instead of cow-milk. Their pistachio flavour is unforgettable!


They’ve got a bunch of stores around Lisbon and the offer is quite varied  – the ice-creams and sorbets with lots of flavours, crepes, waffles, pastries. 


It’s actually an Italian chain of ice-cream shops that opened one store in Lisbon in Baixa-Chiado. Their ice-cream is very original and worth passing by to get one. 

If you’re wondering what sights to visit in the city, check my blog post here. 


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