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Before sharing these photoshoot tips, I’d say that I really love when my clients are up for adventures or willing to experiment and create something new and unique together. Sometimes it’s worth avoiding Lisbon touristic routes, just getting lost in the garden and enjoying the soft breeze and tropical beauty of local urbanised jungle. 

This place is located right within the city, near Marquês do Pombal in Parque Eduardo VII. Small getaway in the middle of the city. I actually did another photoshoot in this spot, which you can check here.

Not all my clients are comfortable in front of the camera, and for many of them it’s their first experience! It’s totally normal to feel a bit constrained at first, but it goes away throughout the process, I swear 🙂

Here are some recommendations to prepare yourself for a photoshoot and help you look great in the pictures.

Essential tips for your first photoshoot

➡ Please think about your outfit in advance. Even if you decide to wear a dress, it has to be comfortable. The main idea is that you feel at ease, since it’s always visible in the frame. You’re welcome to choose a few looks in your favourite style, depending on the season and the genre of shooting. If you have any doubts, you can always ask me, and we will think together on the ideas and I’ll give some recommendations!

➡ One more time, comfort is key. The best portrait is when someone is relaxed and themselves, so just try to be yourself. Normally, I start off by talking with my clients a bit and explaining that what I’m aiming for is a candid and honest portrait, nothing too posed. Just try to have fun during our time together. Whimsical, dynamic photos are so much more interesting than super-posed ones. 

➡ And a simple practical tip  – try to get enough sleep before the photo day, so that you look well-rested and glowing 🙎🏼☀️

Anyway, feel free to contact me, and we’ll work on it together!

m: Valerie

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We see them as we are’


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