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In this blog post I’ve decided to share a few photo shoot recommendations to consider before booking a session.

First of all, please try to estimate how much time is needed for the photo shoot.  If it’s just 1-2 outfits and 1 location and you feel comfortable in front of the camera, we can start with 1 or 1,5 hours. If you need to change 3-5 outfits and a few locations, it’s better to book at least 2 hours. Please pay attention that photo shoot time already includes the time spent to move between the locations.

Also, in order to achieve the best result, I recommend to include a makeup artist and stylist in our photo shoot.

Makeup artist

The makeup artist will apply the most suitable make-up and style your hair beautifully. The makeup that we do ourselves is not suitable for a photo shoot. How makeup appears in photos is really different from how it appears when you wear it in your daily life. Only professional tools used by a good professional can hide all the imperfections of the skin. Which the camera, by the way, normally highlights. Besides, looking natural in your photos might require more makeup than you normally wear. And that’s where the makeup artist is helpful – to find this balance of looking soft and natural in real life,  but also translating that into your photographs. The professional makeup artist knows which makeup to choose to suit your particular photo shoot lighting and theme.

Photo Shoot Stylist

As for the the stylist, he/she can create an image that is right for you to look amazing in the photos! The outfit is selected not only based on your physical characteristics. It also takes into account the location and theme/ideas of the photo shoot.

Needless to say,  I can always reference some nice professionals I’ve worked with before 🙂

So, I hope these photo shoot recommendations were helpful! And by the way, if you are a blogger, I have special photo shoots for social media creators, you can read about it in this blog post.

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