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Couple posing on Praça do Comercio


One of my most favourite and demanded shoots are couple sessions. I really enjoy working with couples, capturing their emotions and current mood, providing them with these happy memories to cherish even years later. I’ve already shared general checklist for the photoshoot here. However, here is one more dedicated love story photoshoot guideline to ensure that you come fully prepared for your couple photo session 💕

Love Story Photoshoot Guideline

  • Firstly, define a photography idea or have some reference. You can ask your photographer for advice, or check some ideas on the Internet, f.e. Pinterest is a great source of numerous ideas. You don’t have to know exactly what you want, but it’s better to choose some direction and style of photography you’d enjoy.
  • Secondly, select a place, reflecting your ideas (city or beach shoot, or maybe some exact location in particular).
  • Thirdly, choose your outfit (this step is really important, cause the clothes could definitely add a certain mood to the photo, so this is one of the keys to success). Ideally, they should match the general style of photo shooting.
  • Also, use accessories, which help to add more details to your image. f.e. hat, glasses, scarves, jewellery, etc.
  • And there is absolutely no need to pose! Just enjoy and live the moment – laugh, hug, kiss. Emotions always look captivating and after years you will still look at these photos with a smile, and that’s the most important thing 😍

So, I hope it’s been helpful! And simply remember that the key is just being yourself and having fun with the process. And I will be just truly happy to capture these moments for you 🖤

“On my fingertips.

On the tip of my tongue.

I register your every touch.

I hear your smell, I hear your smile.

Fast as light

Two hundred miles“


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