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blond girl standing alone in Alfama

Alfama is not only good for admiring azulejo tiled houses (which has been an inspiration for this photo shoot 🙃✨), but also for many other things. For example, if you like antique, vintage stuff, you should visit Feira da Ladra in Alfama. 

Feira da Ladra is often translated as “Thieves’ Market” (in Portuguese, “ladra” is a female thief). However, it actually derives from “ladro” –  a bug or a flea found in antique things. Such a market dates back to the 12th century, and the name “Feira da Ladra” was first mentioned in the 17th century.

Feira da Ladra may not seem like an attractive place for a walk, but antique lovers will undoubtedly fall in love with this place. Here you can buy everything, from junk to unexpected treasures: hand-made artisanal goods, clothes, CD’s, old cameras and lenses, books, coins, military objects, antiques and furniture. Bargaining is possible and sometimes necessary. There are no ATMs at the market, so you should have cash with you.

Afterwards, when you’re done with the market, the best coffee spots to enjoy coffee nearby are:

  • Copenhagen Coffee Lab, Campo Santa Clara – their coffee is perfect, besides they have a nice bakery, so you can enjoy pastries, croissants, sandwiches, even some healthy snacks.
  • Maria Limão – a great brunch place with very affordable prices.
  • As Marias com Chocolate – they specialise on chocolate desserts, which are really tasty, especially complimented by Portuguese galão or normal coffee 🙂

Feira da Ladra details

The market is open twice a week – on Saturdays and Tuesdays, from the morning till early afternoon. You can get to this unique old town in Lisbon by tram number 28, or by metro via the blue line to Santa Apolónia station. It’s actually just 1-min walk from the National Pantheon. I wrote about the National Pantheon here. 


m: Martyna D.

When in good humor,
Give grass its green
Blazon sky blue, and endow the sun
With gold;
Yet, in my wintriest moods, I hold
Absolute power
To boycott any color and forbid any flower
To be..”



  • Anastasia

    Such a lovely combination of the cold colours and the warmth from the model

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