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girl in transparent blouse and sunglasses sitting near the swimming pool in Lisbon

Besides booking a photographer, whose style you like, it’s important to come for your photoshoot prepared to feel happy with its result. Thus, I’ve created this checklist for your photoshoot, aiming to help you focus on some important details before having your pictures taken 🙂

So, what should be the checklist for your photoshoot?

🚩Meet your photographer! It’s helpful to clarify all the doubts (technical or not) before the photoshoot. Besides, it’s more probable you’d feel at ease during the session if you’ve already established some connection with your photographer before. I’m always available for online or offline meetings to talk about the photoshoot in details – conceptualisation, location, outfit, makeup suggestions etc. 

🚩Think about the desired image and style for the photoshoot. You probably have some inspiring photos in your bookmarks. It’s time to realise what you want! Pinterest or various blogs on Instagram could be a good reference! Decide on what kind of story you want to tell, and what stands behind your brand or your persona. Each shot can tell a mini story and captivate the attention of your audience!

🚩Plan your outfit and accessories. Accessories could really bring diversity to the photo shoot. For example, jewellery, flowers, hats, books, umbrellas, mirrors, watches, etc. It’s also easier to pose with accessories as there is no problem where to put your hands 😄

🚩Take care of manicure, hair style or make-up in advance. If you are going to use the services of a make-up artist, hairdresser, or stylist, book them in advance. If you need any tips, just let me know. I’ve written about the importance of extra services here.

🚩Confirm the duration of the shoot and its location. Based on its idea, it could be studio, cafe, street, nature, your home, etc.

🚩And of course, rest well before the shoot and have a wonderful session! 💕

If you’re specifically interested in the photoshoot for social media creators, I’ve got another article on this topic here 😉

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