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Best coffee subscriptions in Europe

Check out my selection of best coffee subscriptions in Europe 💁🏼‍♀️☕ And yes, surprisingly, this post is about coffee! I remember coming to Portugal 5 years ago. The fact that I couldn’t find a coffee place to my taste in a country with such a rich coffee culture was hard to believe haha! To me […]

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Top photography apps I use on my phone

Nowadays putting photos on social media has become an essential and inescapable part for any photographer. So I’m going to share top photography apps that make my life easier. They help me to edit photos and decorate my Instagram profile the way I like it 🙂 Top Photography Apps Photo Editing Apps Lightroom Mobile This one is […]

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Love Story photoshoot guideline

  One of my most favourite and demanded shoots are couple sessions. I really enjoy working with couples, capturing their emotions and current mood, providing them with these happy memories to cherish even years later. I’ve already shared general checklist for the photoshoot here. However, here is one more dedicated love story photoshoot guideline to ensure […]

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Checklist for your photoshoot

Besides booking a photographer, whose style you like, it’s important to come for your photoshoot prepared to feel happy with its result. Thus, I’ve created this checklist for your photoshoot, aiming to help you focus on some important details before having your pictures taken 🙂 So, what should be the checklist for your photoshoot? 🚩Meet […]

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Beach photoshoot near Lisbon

If you’re planning a beach photoshoot near Lisbon, you need to know that  there is no ocean within the city reach – only the river Tagus. Thus, to get to the ocean you need to leave the city and drive to other places. Also, I wouldn’t recommend the public beaches in Carcavelos, Estoril, or Cascais […]

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Have brunch in Santos or Lapa

The areas of Lapa and Santos have become really trendy in the last years. Many buildings have been purchased and renovated, giving room to nice restaurants, artistic shops, and concept cafés. This is a lovely area to explore, and also to enjoy a tasty meal after all the sightseeing. So, if you’re wondering where to have […]

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Top 7 Lisbon ice-cream stores

What could be better than having some ice-cream on a hot summer day? That’s why I’m sharing my list of top 7 Lisbon ice-cream stores to flavour your day while you’re here 🙂 So here it goes! (All the shop titles are clickable, so you can check the other details on their websites)  Top 7 […]

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Visit Lisbon in 2 days

I do think that it’s worth staying in Lisbon more time to explore it properly. There are lots of nice places to be discovered in the city itself and in the suburbs too. However, I noticed that many of my clients make a stop-over in Lisbon and continue travelling somewhere else. So, they don’t have […]

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Tips for your first photoshoot

Before sharing these photoshoot tips, I’d say that I really love when my clients are up for adventures or willing to experiment and create something new and unique together. Sometimes it’s worth avoiding Lisbon touristic routes, just getting lost in the garden and enjoying the soft breeze and tropical beauty of local urbanised jungle.  This […]