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Besides booking a photographer, whose style you like, it's important to come for your photoshoot prepared to feel happy with its result. Thus, I've created this checklist for your photoshoot, aiming to help you focus on some important details before having your pictures taken :) So, what should be the checklist for your photoshoot? 🚩Meet your photographer! It's helpful

Before sharing these photoshoot tips, I'd say that I really love when my clients are up for adventures or willing to experiment and create something new and unique together. Sometimes it's worth avoiding Lisbon touristic routes, just getting lost in the garden and enjoying the soft breeze and tropical beauty of local urbanised jungle.  This place is located

Hey! Are you a blogger? Are you planning a lifestyle/fashion photo shoot in Lisbon? If so, I'd be happy to tell you that  I offer a photo shoot for bloggers and influencers. Designed specifically for social media content creators, it takes into account all the specific features of this type of shooting. This type of photo shoot is

Alfama is not only good for admiring azulejo tiled houses (which has been an inspiration for this photo shoot 🙃✨), but also for many other things. For example, if you like antique, vintage stuff, you should visit Feira da Ladra in Alfama.  Feira da Ladra is often translated as "Thieves' Market" (in Portuguese, "ladra" is a female thief).


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