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Check out my selection of best coffee subscriptions in Europe 💁🏼‍♀️☕

And yes, surprisingly, this post is about coffee! I remember coming to Portugal 5 years ago. The fact that I couldn’t find a coffee place to my taste in a country with such a rich coffee culture was hard to believe haha! To me the local coffee seemed too bitter in any local “pastelaria”, besides I don’t fancy having espresso shots like the locals often do. I normally enjoy a cup of flat white, cappuccino or americano with milk. I would say that now the situation is different –  the city is experiencing a real coffee boom. There are more and more nice coffee places with great vibes and coffee selection, such as Fabrica Coffee Roasters, the mill, Wish, Roastberry, Buna and many others.

Anyway, I didn’t have so many options back then. As a result, I started ordering online, and that’s how I entered the world of coffee subscription. So in this post, I would like to share the best coffee subscriptions in Europe, that work perfectly well for me (and hopefully will work for you too).

So, what is a coffee subscription? First of all, there are two types of them – single-roaster and multi-roaster subscriptions. As for the single-roaster subscription – it’s basically a coffee shop that ships a box with the chosen coffee of the month directly to your front door. On the other hand, multi-roaster subscriptions typically feature a new roaster/coffee brand every month. In that sense, it’s a more interesting experience, as you can try different coffee roasters. However, single-roaster subscriptions also help you to experience different coffee with every new package.

Multi-roaster coffee subscriptions

KaffeBox – monthly specialty multi-roaster coffee subscription featuring the best beans from Scandinavian top micro-roasters. Cheapest subscription plan is €14.5 for a package of 250 grams (shipping costs included).

Single-roaster coffee subscriptions

UK coffee roasters

Artisan Roast Coffee Roasters – a specialty artisan coffee roaster, that offers your selected blends + different micro-lots. The cheapest coffee subscription is £6.70 for a bag of 250 grams. And the shipping fee is £3.85 from UK to Portugal.

Hasbean – amazing coffee roastery, that has a nice selection of coffee from all over the world. Their monthly subscription starts at €14.00 for a bag of 250 grams (shipping costs included).

Square Mile Coffee Roasters – multi-award-winning coffee roasting company. Their skilfully roasted coffee has a really good price for the quality you get. The subscription plan starts at £16.00 for a coffee package of 350 grams. EU subscription already includes shipping costs.

Bailies Coffee Roasters – Irish coffee roaster that crafts world-class coffee experiences in Belfast and ships world-wide. The subscription plan starts at £9.00 for a monthly package of 250 grams + £4.45 shipping to Portugal.

Scandinavian coffee roasters

Tim Wendelboe – coffee roastery based in Oslo, Norway. Their subscription plan Tim’s picks is about €10 +€7 shipping costs for 1 package of 250 grams monthly (you can adjust the amount and frequency). Each month Tim chooses his favourite coffee, making sure there is something different and exclusive every single time.

Slurp – artisan coffee roastery from Finland. Firstly, their website has a lot of guides for making the best coffee + some cool recipes. Then, the variety of coffee is great to buy separately and there are different subscription plans. They start at €9,89 for a package of 200 grams + €2,99 shipping fee to Portugal.

La Cabra Coffee Roasters – modern coffee roastery from Denmark. Their discovery subscription offers new seasonal coffee every month and represents exclusive, high-quality micro-lots from around the world. The subscription for 1 bag of 250 grams is €22.71 with shipping costs included.

Other European coffee roasters

The Barn – coffee shop chain from Berlin. There are different selections each month, and the price starts at €30.50 for 2 packages of coffee monthly with shipping costs included. It’s possible to pause the subscription whenever you want, and then restart again when needed. Also, there are some cool coffee recipes on their website 😉

Nomad Coffee – open roastery and coffee shop, located in Barcelona. The cheapest subscription plan is €38,00 with shipping costs included, but it’s also a good idea to order the selected coffee blends separately. I normally buy a package of 250 grams priced between €9,00 -€14,00 + shipping €4,90.

To sum up, there are plenty of options for European coffee lovers. Please pay attention that the shipping options I’ve mentioned here are only relevant within EU. Also, subscription plans are very flexible – you can always adjust the amount of coffee and frequency of deliveries according to your necessities.  So, choose wisely and enjoy your coffee 🙂

PS If you’re looking for a brunch spot with good coffee in Lisbon, check my posts here and here. 

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