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couple walking and holding hands on Praia da Ursa

If you’re planning a beach photoshoot near Lisbon, you need to know that  there is no ocean within the city reach – only the river Tagus. Thus, to get to the ocean you need to leave the city and drive to other places. Also, I wouldn’t recommend the public beaches in Carcavelos, Estoril, or Cascais for photoshoots in the summer months, since they are normally overcrowded. So, here are my suggestions 💁🏼‍♀️

Beach Photoshoot near Lisbon

Praia da Ursa

This is the place where I took the photos from the shoot in this blog post. It’s a remote beach with unique rock formations, and it involves some hiking. It’s located 44km west of Lisbon, and it’s about 45-min drive if there is no traffic. I have a detailed post on Praia da Ursa here.

Praia da Adraga

For me, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Portugal. It’s quite popular for wedding and engagement photoshoots. Its stunning scenery of cliffs, jagged rocks, wild ocean and golden sand make it a great choice for a photoshoot. Moreover, the sunsets here are truly magnificent! The beach is located just a few kilometres from above-mentioned Praia da Ursa. It’s more or less within the same distance from Lisbon – 45km west of Lisbon.

Praia do Guincho

This beach is famous for its waves, so it’s popular among surfers. It’s also very beautiful with all the dunes along the way and Sintra mountains in the background. At the same time,  it’s quite windy throughout the year, so it’s better to check the wind direction and its strength before planning a visit. The beach is 32km west of Lisbon and outside the rush hour the journey takes 35 minutes. 

Praia da Cresmina & Praia da Arriba

These two small beaches are just next to Praia do Guincho (within 5-min walking distance). They have some beautiful rock formations which are good for a photoshoot experience. 

Praia do Abano beach photoshoot

This lovely intimate beach is located just around the corner from Guincho beach, and is easily overlooked. It’s only a 5-min drive to the west from Guincho. In the same way as its bigger neighbour, the Abano beach is also exposed to the strong winds and powerful waves that often hit the coastline. Still, on a calm day, it is a lovely and picturesque spot to have a beach photoshoot or just to enjoy the sun and the nature 🙂

Costa da Caparica beach photoshoot

This is the public beach, so I would only recommend it in the low season, when it’s less crowded. However, it is a long coastline of 15 kilometres, and it’s quite possible to have some privacy in the low season. The ocean, the dunes, and cute fisherman’s houses all contribute to the possibility of having great photos!

To sum up, there are different options for a beach photoshoot near Lisbon, but it is important to plan it in advance wisely, understanding the time it may require, sorting out the distance and the transportation to the place. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to let me know and we’ll talk about all the details 🙂


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