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Dark-haired man walking to the ocean

In the last years, Praia da Ursa has become quite popular among tourists. So, it’s not a hidden place anymore, but still not a crowded one due to its hard access. Which is actually good, as you can enjoy some peace and feel the power of the ocean with no distractions. 

It is hard to describe all the magic of this place, the landscapes are truly breathtaking. It’s for a reason that Praia da Ursa appears on the lists of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. And it always looks photogenic, whether foggy or sunny, under the stars or at dawn. That’s why I enjoy having shoots there, it is always special! However, you should really be prepared to invest your time to get to Cabo da Roca first, and then to hike down to Praia da Ursa. 

If you decide to take a taxi or go by rental car, the trip takes approximately 45-60 min from Lisbon. Taxi fare is around 25 euros one-way.

You can also get to Praia da Ursa via Sintra or Cascais by public transport. Praia da Ursa is located down Cabo da Roca, so it’s one destination (I mention this, since some of my clients have been wondering whether it’s two different locations or not).

To Caba da Roca via Sintra by public transport

Trains to Sintra leave from Rossio station in Lisbon, and operate from 6am till 1am at night, with intervals of 20-30 minutes between the rides. The road to Sintra will take about 40 minutes. One way fare is 2.25 euros. The current schedule can be found on the website of Comboios de Portugal.

In Sintra, you need to change to the shuttle bus number 403, which runs on the route Cascais – Sintra. You can check the schedule on Scotturb.

The bus trip takes about 35 minutes, the fare is around 4 euros, tickets can be purchased from the driver. The bus stop is located right at the exit of Sintra train station.

To Caba da Roca via Cascais by public transport

Trains to Cascais leave from Cais do Sodré station in Lisbon, and operate from 5:30am till 1:30am at night, with intervals of 20 minutes between the rides. Depending on the train, the travel time will be around 30-40 minutes. The fare is 2.2 euros one way.

In order to get to Caba da Roca from Cascais you have to change to the same shuttle bus number 403. Its stop is a 5-minute walk from the train station.The journey by bus will take about 20 minutes, the fare is about 3 euros. Tickets are purchased from the driver.

Hike from Caba da Roca to Praia da Ursa

And then comes the most challenging part. And I do believe, this experience is not for everybody. You’d have to hike down to Praia da Ursa, and the path is quite steep. It will take about 20 min to go down (but of course it depends on your physical capabilities). For you to have an idea of the trail, I’ve found this Youtube video, where Portuguese blogger shows it pretty well 🙂

To sum up, to have a photo shoot in Praia da Ursa, I’d recommend 2 hours of photo shoot package minimum. It will take 45-60 min by car from Lisbon, and much more if you go by public transport (with all the connections). So, the whole experience might require 4-6 hours of your time.

You can check another shoot on Praia da Ursa here

m: André S.

“One breath away from mother Oceania

Your nimble feet make prints in my sands

You have done good for yourselves

Since you left my wet embrace

And crawled ashore..”



  • 07.03.2018

    Such an amazing place, so powerful and peaceful at the same time. Nice shots!

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    Everything is perfect!
    I’m thrilled

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    Could you tell me what style are you utilizing on your
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